POLICE officers teamed up with volunteers to carry out an all-day speeding operation in Buckley.

The initiative conducted in the town on May 21 was part of the Global Road Safety Week (May 17 to 23).

It was conducted by GoSafe, Roads Policing Special Constables Roads Safety Unit and Buckley Community Speedwatch Team.

John Morris, community speed watch manager at North Wales Police, said: "The operation started at 6am and continued through to 10pm.

"During this time GoSafe recorded a total of 16 speeding offences and two seat belt offences, with the Community Speedwatch team forwarding the details of 40 vehicles they have recorded exceeding the speed limit.

"The Specials Road Safety Unit dealt with a variety of motoring matters during the day as well as supporting GoSafe and CSW.

"This again showed the valuable collaboration between GoSafe, Community Speedwatch and the Roads Policing Specials, who, like CSW are all volunteers in working to make the roads in Buckley and North Wales generally safer for us all."