RECKLESS and dangerous behaviour is giving a ‘bad name’ to a Flintshire town in ‘worrying’ series of events.

Shotton has become a ‘racetrack’ with motorcycles and electric scooters being driven ‘without consideration’ to others and in a ‘reckless’ manner.

At their monthly meeting, Shotton councillor Kelly Brown said members discussed the ongoing issue which is seeing lives being put at risk and health and safety in jeopardy.

She told the Leader: “People riding motorbikes are often not wearing helmets and using the pathways and racing around the 33 Club field which is dangerous for anyone else using it like dog walkers or children in the play area.

“We have lovely weather at the moment and people are out and about using the facilities we have just to see people acting recklessly.

“You have electric scooters on the pathways and it just seems to be happening more and more, it’s very dangerous.”

Concerns have also been raised over an increase in anti-social behaviour which is seeing people drinking on the streets, including a local memorial garden.

Cllr Brown said: “This did seem to dwindle off during the first lockdown but they all seem to be back at it again.

“We definitely need more police on the beat. When they did come out it was a quiet day and there wasn’t much happening, which is great but every other day there is.

“We need more presence, it would deter all this behaviour. I’m very proud of my town and where I’m from but at the moment with everything going on, especially the amount of flytipping, we are the town that has been forgotten.

“It’s not what it used to be, I know a lot of places aren’t and things change but it does look like we have been forgotten about in the fly tipping aspect.

“People just don’t have respect anymore for their community of each other and I don’t know why, we all live here.

“People need to be proud of where they come from.”

Cllr Mike Evans said the reckless behaviour is a danger to all residents and visitors.

He added: “Besides the nuisance of it all, it’s dangerous. The 33Club field is well used and one of the most popular play areas, people disregard that.

“They are a danger to themselves and the public. Not to mention the drinking on the streets. It’s all giving Shotton a bad name.

“The worrying one is at the memorial garden, it’s a regular occurrence. It’s a memorial there for people to relax and reflect, not for that.

“It does just bring you down because you have to see this all the time.”