A woman who stole shortly after being given the chance of a suspended prison sentence has been jailed for 24 weeks.

Prosecutor John Wylde said Katrina Lee Vyse, 43, had stolen four bottles of single malt whisky valued at £69 from Aldi in Mold in January and tried to steal two others on a separate occasion.

Vyse, of Linthorpe Road in Buckley, who admitted theft and attempted theft, had in December been placed on a suspended sentence for earlier similar offending.

Flintshire magistrates said they took into account her guilty pleas and the positive comments made about her but she had offended a very short time after being given a suspended sentence.

Only immediate custody could not be justified, they said.

Simon Simmons, defending, told the Mold court his client had been doing really well.

She was co-operating with the probation service and the drugs service and was anxious to change her ways.

It was accepted the first offence occurred within a matter of days of the suspended sentence being imposed, said Mr Simmons.

He said Vyse was realistic and had come to court prepared with a bag but he asked the court to give her a chance to continue with the good progress she had otherwise been making.

Vyse, who had previous convictions for more than 50 offences, was at the end of December given the chance of a three month prison sentence suspended for 12 months.

Magistrates told her then it was “one last chance” to sort her life out because she was a prolific offender.