Two men have been jailed after a court was shown CCTV footage of them subjecting an innocent man to an unprovoked attack.

The attackers, Darren Thomas, 31, and Joshua Roberts, 19, claimed that they were so drunk that they could remember nothing of the violence they inflicted in Holywell town centre in the early hours.

A man in his fifties who was simply sitting on a bench was punched, kicked and stamped on.

The victim refused to make a complaint so the attackers were charged with affray.

Thomas, of Nant y Coed, was jailed for 22 months and Roberts, of Meadow Bank, both Holywell, received 12 months in a young offenders institute after they both pleaded guilty.

The judge, Mr Recorder Simon Mills, told Mold Crown Court it was a “shocking and vicious attack” on a man who was just minding his own business.

Both later said their behaviour was disgusting but the judge said whether or not they were shocked by what they had done when drunk he did not know.

But he warned that if they continued to go around attacking people then they were going to serve longer and longer terms in prison.

Thomas, he said, was older and had a terrible record for violence.

Mr Mills said he had a duty to protect the public from people like him.

Roberts, he said, was starting on the same path as Thomas.

Roberts also admitted assaulting a police officer and possessing cannabis.

Barrister Jo Maxwell, prosecuting, said it was an completely unprovoked attack on a man aged 59 who had refused to provide a statement of complaint.

But she said the prosecution had photographs of the injuries inflicted and the attack on February 2 had been captured on the town centre CCTV, which she played to the court.

Thomas was seen to kick the victim's face.

Roberts punched his face and walked away – only to return and kick him before punching him several times.

Thomas began to punch his body and both kicked his head and body several times.

Roberts could also be seen stamping on him.

On arrest Roberts struggled and kicked an officer.

Barrister Jemma Gordon, defending, said both were aware of the serious nature of the affray which was aggravated by their previous convictions.

Both knew they were facing custody and the only question for the court was how long it should be.

Their best mitigation was their early guilty pleas in the magistrates court at their first appearance.

“They do not recall the events due to their level of intoxication,” she said.

When shown the CCTV they immediately admitted it was them on the footage and made no excuses.

“They know this behaviour is not acceptable,” she said.

Thomas said he was disgusted with himself while Roberts “felt like an idiot”.

An earlier hearing at Flintshire Magistrates Court was told Roberts had described his actions as horrible and said he should not be on the streets.

When sober, both were described as everyday men who would not go out hitting people on a bench in the street but when in drink they had acted in a way which disgusted them.

Thomas had a background of epilepsy and schizophrenia, the court heard.

He had not been able to take his medication, had taken alcohol and was very remorseful about what had happened.

BLOB Roberts had to be warned by the judge.

When difficulties were encountered playing the CCTV footage in court, the judge told Roberts: “It is not funny. You are being sentenced her for serious violence.

"You are not going to giggle in the dock because of difficulties showing the evidence.”