A DELIBERATE blaze which involved around 2,500 square metres of grass near Caergwrle Castle is an "appalling act" which will likely have impacted on the site's wildlife, a councillor has said.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service was called to the scene at about 5.30pm on Tuesday.

Two crews attended and used beaters and a hose to extinguish the flames.

The following day, a spokesman said the cause was confirmed to have been deliberate ignition.

Caergwrle councillor David Healey said: "I know the community is outraged by what has happened.

"It's a totally irresponsible and mindless act and if anyone has any information about who started it, I'd certainly strongly urge them to speak to the police.

"Although the castle itself was not damaged, I have been there myself and the area involved is extensive.

"There's wildlife there - lizards, reptiles and ground nesting birds.

"It's impossible that some of the wildlife wasn't affected or killed as a result and for it to have been deliberate is absolutely terrible.

"It comes at a time when we're worried about the disappearance of species - it's just an appalling act.

"The castle itself is caught up in the national story of Wales, so it is very important."

Andy Farrow, chief officer for planning, environment and economy said: "Flintshire County Council are very concerned about the potential risk wild fires pose to wildlife, local residents and property.

"We are grateful to the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service who were able to control the fire at Caergwrle Castle quickly to minimise damage in this case.

"We urge people to behave responsibly to minimise the risk of fires, particularly during dry periods as their result can be catastrophic.”