RYAN REYNOLDS has revealed his top secrets for luring players over to Wrexham AFC.

The Deadpool actor took over as co-chairman of the north Wales club alongside fellow actor Rob McElhenney in 2021.

That has been a massive factor in Wrexham climbing back from the depths of the National League to the English Football League once again, winning back-to-back promotions in the process.

And, of course, the hugely-successful Welcome to Wrexham documentary has also helped fire the club to unprecedented heights worldwide.

Big name players have signed for the club in recent times too, from super striker Paul Mullin to the more recent captures of goalkeeper Arthur Okonkwo and midfielder George Evans.

So, how does Ryan manage to attract such players to the STok Cae Ras?

Well, in an interview with Rio Ferdinand this week, he joined fellow Deadpool & Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman - who also visited Wrexham last season - for a chat about the club.


The trio sat down in the Legends Lounge as part of UEFA Euro 2024, with former Manchester United defender Rio quizzing Ryan on how he would have persuaded him to join Wrexham when he was in his prime.

Ryan answered: "It sounds ridiculous,  but it's always just about leading with honesty. I talk to every single potential signing that we have. In fact, just today, I talked to our new guy we have George Dobson.

"You just want them to feel like you have their back and that you are setting them up to win. 

"You also want them to understand that I am not going to make football decisions, I am going to make story-telling decisions about this club, its history and its future.

"And really instilling in them, belief in their ability and backing them in terms of whatever it is they want to do outside of football, because that's just as important. Like, what is your plan for your family? Do you have a brand? These are things that are increasingly important in 2024."

And that planning for the future beyond football has been clear to see at Wrexham, with the likes of Jacob Mendy and Ollie Palmer having both started their own clothing brands since joining the club.

Midfielder Jordan Davies meanwhile has taken over the Croes Howell pub in Wrexham as part of the management there.

Talking about Wrexham as a club, Ryan told Rio: "I've never seen jubilation and explosive emotion like I have in Wrexham. But so much more of it has to do with the city and the town.

"Everybody on earth has a story to tell and there's something so heart-breaking and beautiful about the story that's coming out of Wrexham."