A man has been sentenced after hurling abuse and headbutting a police officer in the face.

Kevin Jones appeared at Wrexham Magistrates Court on Wednesday morning via video link from HMP Berwyn, and gave the prison as his current address.

The 36-year-old admitted assaulting PC Nathan Jones on January 30, as well as damaging a police vehicle and a holding cell on that date.

Prosecutor Rhian Jackson told the court that on the evening in question, police were called to a domestic incident in Wrexham.

Jones was arrested on suspicion of assault (though he was ultimately not charged in relation to the alleged domestic incident.)

He became abusive with officers, calling them "c***s" and when he was put in the police vehicle, he spat on the way to Llay.

On arrival at the custody facility, he was arrested for damaging the vehicle - and told PC Nathan Jones that when he saw him out of uniform, he'd "have him."

He threatened to find out where the officer lived and burn his house down.

Jones was placed in a cell, where he continued to spit.

PC Jones later came to escort the defendant, and when he took hold of his arm Jones turned and forcibly headbutted him to the right eyebrow.

The officer reacted by punching the defendant to the face and taking him to the ground, with assistance from other officers being offered quickly thereafter.


PC Jones said he hadn't been with North Wales Police long and after the incident, he was nervous about visiting Wrexham city centre on his rest days, and his confidence when dealing with suspects had been "knocked."

When spoken to, the defendant claimed he couldn't remember committing the assault, but he apologised for his actions anyway.

However, the court saw CCTV footage of the incident, as well as pictures of the injury caused to PC Jones.

Jones had 16 previous convictions for 26 offences and had been sent to prison when a previous suspended sentence was activated with additional jail time imposed for a separate assault.

Euros Jones, defending, told the court: "He admitted the offence when he was initially interviewed in January this year.

"I'm not sure why it's taken almost six months to come to court.

"Had this been dealt with when he came to receive the custodial sentence he wouldn't have received anything further for it.

"It crosses the custody threshold, no doubt. The only option available to you today is a custodial sentence.

The Leader:

"But he has used this time in custody well."

Mr Jones said that at the time of the incident, his client was "in a downward spiral due to alcoholism" and had remonstrated with officers due to being "arrested for something he said he hadn't done.

The Magistrates imposed an overall custodial sentence of 16 weeks to be served concurrent to the defendant's ongoing jail time.

He must pay £125 compensation to PC Jones for the assault and £73.84 to North Wales Police for the damage caused.

The defendant must also pay £85 costs.