A MAN who assaulted his pregnant ex-girlfriend and kicked a police officer in the face has been spared jail.

The Leader reported earlier this month on a number of guilty pleas entered by 41-year-old Andrew Royce, of Montgomery Road in Wrexham.

The offences he admitted were:

  • Damaging garden furniture belonging to Tammy Strange on June 4 at Rhos
  • Assaulting Tammy Strange between February 1 and February 29
  • Assaulting her again on May 23
  • Stalking relating to Tammy Strange between June 1 and 5
  • And two counts of assaulting a police officer which happened in Rhos on June 4

Royce appeared at Wrexham Magistrates Court on Wednesday afternoon to be sentenced.

The court heard at the previous hearing how Ms Strange was in a relationship with the defendant from September last year until the early part of this year.

She became pregnant with his child in February and according to Ms Strange, the relationship was fine at that stage.

But Royce started drinking alcohol and became aggressive.

On a date in February, Royce punched her in the ribs and "trashed her home."

On May 23, when she was at home, Royce forced his way into the property and hurled abuse at her.

He appeared drunk, the court heard, and grabbed her by the wrist, as well as stepping on her foot.


When he was told the police were on the way, he ran.

Ms Strange realised Royce had also sent her messages early that morning accusing her of infidelity.

After being interviewed by police, Royce was released with bail conditions not to contact or approach the victim.

But he breached both of those.

On June 2, he messages her asking: "Who the f*** are you ignoring? F****** stop flirting you c*** while you've got my baby. Think you can do what you want - you're a f****** joke kid."

In the early hours of June 4 he messaged her, threatening to come to her address and telling her: "You're getting done."

An hour or two later he appeared outside her home and threw a garden table at her back door, before hurling a pair of chairs over her back gate.

When two police officers arrived to deal with Royce, he told them: "I'll smash the f****** pair of you," and swung around, knocking them backwards.

He put one officer in a headlock and pushed them face first into the floor.

Royce then punched the officer to the back and kicked them in the face, before running.

He began to make his way towards Johnstown but was ultimately apprehended when more officers arrived in response to an emergency call for assistance.

Justin Espie, prosecuting, asked the court to consider imposing compensation for the victims, as well as a restraining order.

Stephen Edwards, defending, told the court: "This is a very serious case and the court will have been assisted by an excellent and very realistic [pre-sentence] report which sets out in clear detail the nature and root of the problem; excessive drinking.

"That's blighted his relationships in recent years.

"When he drinks, he can be quite an unpleasant person.

"Even at this early stage, having been in custody for only three weeks, there seems to be an understanding from him that he needs to get his life back on track.

"This is clearly a turning point as far as he's concerned, and he shows willingness to engage with probation.

"I accept his behaviour towards partners in intimate relationships has been appalling in recent years - there's no getting away from that.

"But he understands the root evil and catalyst is the drink. 

"He needs to address that first and everything else will fall into place."

The Leader:

The court handed down an overall sentence of six months in custody - but suspended it for 18 months.

Royce must undertake 35 days on an accredited programme, 20 rehabilitation activity days, 80 hours of unpaid work and 120 days alcohol abstinence monitoring.

He must also pay £50 compensation to the officer he pushed to the floor, £100 to the officer he kicked in the head and £200 compensation to Ms Strange, as well as £85 costs and a £154 victim surcharge.

The court imposed a two year restraining order to protect Ms Strange.