A MUM is "over the moon" that a weekly session at a GAME store in Wrexham for children and young people with learning disabilities has been reinstated. 

The weekly SEN (special education needs) night at the game console store in the city centre is open to around 20 children and young persons to allow them to play game consoles in a safe, secure environment, with helpful aspects such as low lighting and no music.

However, it had recently been stopped - much to the dismay to the people who attended. 

Tracy Samuel, whose 13-year-old son, Kai, has autism and ADHD and went on a weekly basis to the session, said: "They have been going on a Thursday night for the past two years either using the PlayStation 5, Xbox or the gaming computer.

"It’s the only thing of its kind in the area for older children with autism and SEN, but we had no notice we just got told on the night that it had gone. There were a lot of very upset children because they couldn't understand why."

Kai SamuelKai Samuel (Image: UGC)

Kai has suffered a traumatic last year - after the tragic, sudden loss of his older brother, David. 

Tracy said: "The SEN night, or Belong, as we call it, has helped Kai so much over the past year since David passed. David also went there for a year with Kai every week. 

"Kai was absolutely devastated when they said the night was no longer happening. It's awful for children who rely on a routine to have it taken away from them so abruptly."

Kai with his older brother, David - who tragically died last year.Kai with his older brother, David - who tragically died last year. (Image: UGC)

However, the SEN night has now been reinstated - much to the joy of Kai, and the other young people who go.


Tracy said: "It's fantastic for the SEN night to have been reinstated. Kai is over the moon since I told him he was going back and I know some of the other children and parents are so excited to be going back.

"We have had enquiries for new families to join us. It’s amazing and it is where everyone is accepted in a safe and happy place."

A spokesperson for Frasers Group, which owns GAME stores, said: “Due to a change in GAME’s retail operating hours, SEN sessions were temporarily paused.

"However, we are pleased to confirm that GAME Wrexham will reinstate SEN Sessions from Thursday, June 13.”

The nights run weekly on Thursdays from 6pm until 9pm, and it is £5 per player. Any enquiries can be made by emailing belong.Wrexham@game.co.uk