A SUMMER of football is almost upon us.

And while Wales didn't make Euro 2024, it gave us an opportunity to look back a moment they graced the pitch at the Racecourse.

These photos show scenes from the Wales v Holland, World Cup qualifier at the Wrexham AFC ground, in 1989.

Final whistle saw the Netherlands team take the win, 1-2.

Many members of the Leader's Local Bygones Facebook group were at the match, and found themselves impressed by the Dutch fans.

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John Owen Jones: "The night that Wrexham turned Orange!"

Russ Hughes: "We spent the whole day drinking with the Dutch, they were fantastic, a great memory that day."

David Reeves: "I was on the Kop! Wrexham was invaded by the Orange Army if I remember rightly!"

Mark Pickup Jones: "The Dutch didn't stop singing, best fans I've ever seen at the Racecourse."

Steve Ankers: "I was in the Paddock. Still remember the name of the Dutch lads who scored against us - Graeme Rutjes and John Bosman."

Martin Victor Griffiths: "I was on the Kop, always had a soft spot for the Dutch since this game."

Matty Holman: "Behind the goal, ballboy. Their fans were ace fair dos."

John Durham: "The Dutch fans sang and danced throughout the game, brilliant atmosphere."