THE recently established Wrexham Maelor Kidney patient association (WMKPA) has successfully raised the funds to purchase a portable scanner.

The specialist nurses identified the scanner as an important piece of equipment which would greatly enhance patient experience.

The WMKPA aims to represent renal patients under the care of Wrexham Maelor, their families and anyone involved with their care so they can have an input into how the Wrexham Maelor renal unit is run. 

All patients are welcome to join the group to help set up support events, raise funds and ensure that it is doing all it can to help patients.

The funds were raised through a variety of means including a football fun day by the Andrew Lloyd Charity, memorial donations for Adrian Hill and raffles and events on the renal unit.

The Leader: Staff and WMKPA at the Renal Unit, Wrexham Maelor HospitalStaff and WMKPA at the Renal Unit, Wrexham Maelor Hospital (Image: Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board)

Roger Hickman, chair of the WMKPA, said: "We are all patients or living donors and we all owe a great deal to the wonderful work of the Maelor’s Renal Unit. We want to do what we can to help the unit and our fellow patients.

“We are also acutely aware that while kidney issues are rather common they often don’t get into the spotlight and we want to do what we can to raise awareness to help more people.”

Renal Unit Sister Clare Adamson said: "The gift of the Xtra-Med handheld scanner will greatly enhance the dialysis patient’s experience and will promote patient participation. 

“It will aid staff in vascular access surveillance and allow enhanced cannulation techniques, therefore leading to a far more positive experience for all patients.”


Sister Gill Williams, Vascular Access Nurse Specialist, said: "It will give us the ability to detect early complications associated with vascular access. 

"The use of an ultrasound hand held scanner is now part of the BRS recommended guidelines. 

"We as a team wish to thank everyone that has helped raise money to purchase this valuable piece of equipment, it has a very positive effect on the team already."