A JUDGE spoke of his displeasure after probation officers provided a "misleading" report and caused delay in the sentencing of a Flintshire man.

Christopher Fisher, of Old Chester Road in Milwr, appeared at Mold Crown Court on Wednesday morning to be sentenced.

The 43-year-old had previously admitted one offence of making a threat to kill, which took place on February 23.

At the sentencing hearing, the court saw footage of Fisher's behaviour - which included him banging on a door and issuing numerous threats.

He could be heard shouting: "Get out here - you're a f****** dead man.

"I'm going to burn your f****** house, get out here big man.

"I've got lads waiting for you mate, get outside now. Open the door. You little rat. You're f****** dead."

Defending counsel Amy Edwards asked Judge Rhys Rowlands to consider adjourning the sentencing to a later date.

She explained that at the last hearing, she'd asked the probation service to prepare an update or progress report  in relation to her client's previous community order.

But after discussions with the probation service on the morning of the sentence hearing, she'd been advised that for new matters, a full pre-sentence report should be prepared given her client's "different position" since the community order.

She added her client was "willing to work with probation" and had addressed his substance misuse issues.

But Judge Rowlands pointed out that stance was not aligned with the probation progress report prepared for Wednesday's hearing.

Summarising the document's bullet points, he said it was not suggested future intervention should be offered and that the defendant had previously exhibited a lack of engagement.

He asked Ms Edwards: "You're telling me that's wrong?"

She replied: "It's an update on the community order he was on rather than any assessment of the new offences your honour is sentencing him for now."

Judge Rowlands "reluctantly" agreed to adjourn as the court had run out of time to deal with the hearing, and he set the new sentence date as June 19.

Ms Edwards said the probation service had asked for a minimum of five weeks to prepare a new report.

But the Judge said: "Probation can ask for a lot.

"Probation are getting on my... I won't say, but enough is enough.

"Probation will have this ready for June 19 and I want an explanation as to why the first report is so misleading.

"They have caused this delay and I'm not having any further adjournments in this case.

"I am very displeased that the first report, if Ms Edwards has not been misled, does not reflect the true situation."