The Welsh Government has suffered a hammer blow after Plaid Cymru ended its cooperation agreement with Labour with "immediate effect".

Vaughan Gething said he was disappointed about the end of the agreement, suggesting Plaid Cymru “has decided to walk away from their opportunity to deliver for the people of Wales”.

But Plaid leader Rhun ap Iorwerth cited concerns over the First Minister's election campaign finances as a factor, claiming the receipt of £200,000 from a company convicted of environmental offences “demonstrates a significant lack of judgment”.

“Since becoming Leader, I've been determined to hold the Labour Welsh Government firmly to account," he said. 

"I remain deeply concerned that the First Minister has failed to pay back the £200,000 donation to his leadership campaign from a company convicted of environmental offences, and believe it demonstrates a significant lack of judgement. Money left over has now been passed on to Keir Starmer's Labour Party.

"I am worried by the circumstances around the decision to sack a member of the Government this week relating to matters that should be in the public domain already.

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“I am also concerned by the emerging approach of the Government in relation to some elements of the Co-operation Agreement, including the decision to delay action in supporting the poorest families in our communities, as evidenced most recently by the decision to delay Council Tax Reform.

“Plaid Cymru will move onwards with a clear and continued commitment to scrutinising Labour’s record, and with a renewed determination to put forward bold ideas which match the people of Wales's ambitions for our country.”

He expressed pride in measures such as rolling out free school meals for all primary school pupils, expanding childcare, actions to address the housing crisis, steps to safeguard the Welsh language, and the creation of a national energy company Ynni Cymru. 


Mr Gething said he was disappointed about the end of the agreement.

The First Minister said: “The co-operation agreement was about mature politics, working together on areas where we agree. While it was always a time-limited agreement, we are disappointed Plaid Cymru has decided to walk away from their opportunity to deliver for the people of Wales.

“I would like to thank Sian Gwenllian and Cefin Campbell for their work through the agreement. By working together we have achieved a great deal, including free school meals for all pupils in primary schools, providing more free childcare, introducing a radical package of measures to create thriving local communities, helping people to live locally and addressing high numbers of second homes in many areas of Wales.

“We will now look closely at how we can progress the outstanding Co-operation Agreement commitments, including the Welsh Language Education Bill and the White Paper on Right to Adequate Housing and Fair Rents.”