WREXHAM has the one of the highest percentages of five-star food hygiene ratings in the UK. 

Ratcliffe Cleaning Contractors and Online Marketing Surgery have analysed food hygiene ratings from 266 locations in the UK and identified the areas with the highest and lowest 5-star ratings.

Hygiene ratings data were sourced from the UK Food Standards Agency's website. The total number of results for each rating was tallied and converted to percentages for comparison.

Only areas with over 500+ establishments with a rating were analysed.

Out of the 266 locations, Wrexham came second highest on the list, with the top five being:

  • Southport - 86.50%
  • Wrexham - 85.87%
  • Ipswich - 83.45%
  • Stockton-on-Tees - 82.99%
  • Hartlepool - 80.94%

Meanwhile, the lowest rated locations were:

  • Wigan - 43.71%
  • Birmingham - 49.65%
  • West Bromwich - 52.50%
  • Luton - 53.51%
  • Halifax - 53.79%

A spokesperson for Online Marketing Surgery said: “It's brilliant to see areas such as Wrexham ranked second in the list of areas with the highest 5-star food hygiene rating percentage.


"Such findings underscore the commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and quality within the food industry in Wrexham.

"It's a testament to the efforts of businesses and regulatory authorities in ensuring public health and well-being.

"This analysis serves as a valuable resource for understanding regional trends and highlighting areas where further improvements may be needed.”