FOUR kiosks have now been removed from Rhyl promenade, but the one remaining is not expected to be demolished until the end of the year. 

The five kiosks – four that were located by the former SeaQuarium, and one near SC2, closed on June 4 2023. They had been in place for 50 years.

In January, work to remove the kiosks started.

Denbighshire County Council said the work would be completed by the end of January 2024 but one building remains standing. 

Work to reduce the kiosks to rubble was expected to be carried out by Balfour Beatty in July 2023.

The Leader: Three of the kiosks, prior to their demolitionThree of the kiosks, prior to their demolition (Image: Duncan Nield-Siddall)

A Balfour Beatty spokesperson has now said: “With over 60 per cent of the revetments steps already in place, we are on schedule to complete works in Autumn 2025. The remaining kiosk will be demolished by the end of the year to allow for the construction of the promenade rear wave return wall.

“The team are working around the tidal patterns, to ensure the work is completed to the highest of standards, whilst keeping everyone safe on site.”

The beachfront kiosks were owned by Denbighshire County Council and were leased to tenants. Despite widespread objections from residents, the local authority said the structures had to be removed in order to deliver the sea defence scheme;  the new sea wall on the promenade is about one and a half metres higher.

Work to the remove the kiosks was put on hold last year; the local authority said in August 2023 that work wouldn't take place until the "council is satisfied that there will be no detrimental impact to the animals at the SeaQuarium."

The SeaQuarium has since closed.

The attraction, established 30 years ago, closed in November 2023. The SeaQuarium attributed its closure to the coastal works.

The Central Rhyl Coastal Defence scheme is currently making good progress. This is expected to protect 500 homes and 44 other properties at risk of flooding within the next 100 years. It is hoped the work can be completed so the new promenade can open by Autumn 2025.

The East Rhyl Coastal Defence Scheme, funded by Denbighshire County Council and the Welsh Government, has been completed. It aims to protect 1,650 properties in East Rhyl from flooding. 

A spokesperson from the local authority said: "Four kiosks have already been removed with a further one to be removed by the end of the year."