A FRUSTRATED resident in Flintshire says she is struggling to sell her home due to frequent fly tipping issues in the area.

The alleyway between Ryeland Street and Bridge Street in Shotton, is becoming a regular spot for fly tippers.

The problem has been reported to Flintshire Council's Streetscene, but remains a concern for many residents in the area including Sue Davis, who says she is struggling to sell her house as a result of the mess.

She said: "I'm trying to sell my house in Bridge Street but potential buyers are put off when checking out the area.

"I'm constantly reporting fly tipping to Streetscene, sometimes it works but recently we had an abandoned commercial bin left on the car park and I watched people walking there to dump their stuff."

A Flintshire Council spokesperson said: “Fly-tipping is never acceptable and is a criminal activity that can cause serious pollution to the environment, can be a risk to human health and can harm wildlife and farm animals.

“We are working with local councillors to help resolve what appears to be an ongoing issue in this area and this is one of a number of incidents of fly-tipping that we have investigated over the last six months.

"Working closely with colleagues in legal services, we are in the process of determining the extent of land ownership, this will help determine what each property is responsible for and their boundaries, which in turn will govern what action can be taken.


“Streetscene Services attend all incidents of reported fly-tipping and attempt to clear the material within 24 hours of receiving the report when on council land.

"Flintshire County Council is continuously working to promote the responsible disposal of waste and every incident is investigated and, where possible, enforcement action is taken against those who offend. We are aware of this location and will continue to monitor the surrounding area.

“If anyone needs more details on waste disposal or wishes to report a fly tip, please visit the Flintshire County Council website at www.flintshire.gov.uk/en/Resident/Streetscene/Fly-tipping, or contact the Streetscene and Transportation call-centre on 01352 701234.”