MOTORISTS have been implored to put the safety of residents first after concerns over "constant" speeding in a Wrexham village.

At its latest meeting, which took place at the end of April, Llay Community Council discussed crime and policing matters.

Cllr John O'Keefe told the meeting that "constant speeding" in various locations is a "major issue" for the village.

Llay County Councillor Rob Walsh told the Leader: "Speeding has always been an issue.

"The thing is, most drivers do adhere to the speed limit. But a minority don't.

"That's always been the case and it affects some streets more than others.

"Gresford Road's always been an issue, as well as places like First Avenue and Pentre Street.

"We get lots of complaints from residents about speeding there.

"The issue we have is that we can report this to the police, but what can the police do?

"GoSafe can't be there constantly and even if they were, there'd be some members of the public who would be annoyed by that."

Cllr Walsh said while a change in driver attitudes may take a long time, he is nevertheless urging motorists to take responsibility for their speed.

"My message to people is that even though we will probably see some revision of the 20mph limit, which is a good thing in some places, please be mindful.

"You might not think you're going fast but cars passing at speed can be very unsettling for some residents and can make them feel unsafe, especially if they're crossing the road."


Cllr Walsh said one way of tackling speed may be more stationary speed cameras.

But they would come with a large cost, and would likely be quite unpopular.

He added measures in place already - including flashing speed signs on Gresford Road - are, according to residents, not "making any difference at all."

"If people don't slow down," he continued, "there could be an accident.

"Speed limits are in place to protect people.

"It's important that we adhere to the limits.

"Some drivers may feel safe to put their foot down - but you just don't know what's coming round the corner.

"Think about safety - for yourself as well as others."

Community Councillor John O'Keefe said: "No one takes any notice of the speed limit.

"We do have a problem with speeding on Gresford road."