These are five things you can change in a rental property that won't risk you losing your deposit.

Most landlords don't allow tenants to make any permanent changes to the property which means that you’re very limited on what you can do to make the house or flat your own.

Understandably, many tenants want to put their own stamp on the place they're living but some decor changes could put you at risk of losing your deposit.

Interior designer Ryan McDonough from has shared how you add some personality to a rented property without losing your deposit.

Things you change in a rented property without losing your deposit

Switch Up The Lighting

The interior designer pointed out that lighting is "one of the most important factors" if you're looking to create the right kind of ambience in a room.

You may find that the lighting in your rented property doesn't suit your desired aesthetic.

The expert recommends taking a look around and considering the lighting conditions in each room.

The pro added: "Make a note of how much natural light is entering each room of the home, and make sure darker rooms are properly supplemented with artificial lights.

"Switching your existing light bulbs can make a huge difference to the way a room looks and feels.

"Consider switching up harsh, bright lights with warm-toned bulbs to create a cosier and more homely feel".

The expert also suggested LED lights - describing them as "a great way to add ambience and highlight specific areas of a room without the need for any internal electrical work".

The designer commented: "Consider adding LED lights behind the TV or choose peel-and-stick LED light strips that can stick along the length of a wall or underneath cabinets or furniture to create ambient lighting.

"Most LED strip lights come with a remote control that allows you to change the colour and brightness to set the scene".

Add Your Own Curtains or Blinds

If you live in a rented property, there's a good chance that it came without curtains or blinds.

"Any curtains or blinds that were left on the property may be outdated or may never have been replaced," according to the interior designer.

The expert reminded that curtains are very easy to replace.

He went on to say: "Made-to-measure curtains are the best choice as you can ensure they're the perfect fit for the window.

"If you're taking down old curtains and replacing them with new ones, make sure to keep hold of the old ones in storage somewhere safe so that you can put them back up when you leave.

"No drill blinds are also a brilliant, affordable option for dressing windows in a rented property.

"Blackout blinds are great for the bedroom as these completely block out exterior light, helping you to get a better night's sleep.

"They can also help you regulate room temperature, helping you save money on your energy bills".


Make Changes to Hardware

The designer urged to renters that "sometimes, small changes can make a big difference".

The pro suggested considering replacing existing hardware, such as cabinet handles and knobs, with new ones in your preferred design.

Ryan continued: "Changing the handles on kitchen cabinets can make a big difference in the way the room looks overall, so this is a good place to start.

"Doing this allows you to add your own personal touch to certain areas of the home. Just make sure you keep the original ones safe.

"You want to ensure you can return the cabinets back to the condition that they were in when you moved in.

"Simply switch the hardware back to the originals before you leave".

Hang Artwork and Pictures Without Nails

Artwork and pictures on the walls can completely transform a room, according to the interior designer.

He explained: "This is one of the best ways to add your personality and unique flair to your home. You can dramatically change the entire atmosphere in the room.

"Plus, it’ll feel much cosier and more homely. You may be worried about hanging things on the wall.

"However, the good news is you can hang things without worrying about putting holes in the walls.

"Consider using damage-free picture hanging strips, white tac, or easily removable tape to hang up your favourite artwork and pictures without worrying about losing any of your deposit".

Use Peel and Stick Removable Tiles

The expert recommended using self-adhesive tiles since they are "perfect for many different uses".

Ryan shared the example that you can use peel-and-stick tiles to create or update a splashback in the kitchen, giving it some personality and adding your own touch to the space.

He added: "The tiles tend to be very easy to install. They're as simple as they sound – you simply peel and stick the tiles to a surface and install them.

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"They tend to be relatively easy to remove and don't tend to leave any damage behind.

"You can also try using peel-and-stick tiles to spruce up an old table or countertop".

The interior designer pointed out that most are water-resistant, so you can even use them in the bathroom.

He also recommended that "whatever you choose to do", you should "go for styles that suit your personality and match up well with the space".