WELCOME to Wrexham returned to Disney+ as the third season of the popular docu-series premiered in the UK. 

The award-winning documentary covering the highs and lows of Wrexham AFC under the ownership of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney returned to screens in the UK today (May 3). 

Unlike the first two seasons where there have been up to 18 episodes, the third season only features eight episodes, but they are each an hour or so long. 

The first two episodes 'Welcome to the EFL' and 'Goals' premiered today and here's five things we learnt from episode one. 

1. Vegas - Fans got a glimpse into the players trip to Las Vegas following their promotion success and saw clips and pictures of their VIP treatment in the States. Something that they are currently repeating after another promotion.

2. US support - The demand and growth of the club has been incredible under the ownership of Rob and Ryan, with a worldwide fanbase now in place. That feat was highlighted during episode one as you see first hand the amount of people and interest that Wrexham attracts in America. 


3. Concern for Super Paul Mullin - Any and every Wrexham fan panicked after seeing the Reds star striker limp off in pre-season, who was later diagnosed with a punctured lung and fractured ribs. But during episode one you see first hand the concern the players, staff and Mullin himself had following the clash. 

4. Rude awakening - Everyone remembers that 5-3 defeat at home to MK Dons on the first game of the season. The game may have acted as a reality check for a lot of people involved in the club, but the season didn't turn out too badly in the end. 

5. Parky mic - One thing to note in episode one was the amount of footage and discussions capturing Phil Parkinson's decision making. We've all seen his passionate half time rants, but in episode one you got to see his thoughts during the game and discussions over substitutes as well.