WREXHAM AFC's co-chairman was clearly feeling peckish following the club's final match of the season on Saturday (April 27).

Wrexham Kebabs and Pizza received an order from none other than Rob McElhenney following the Red Dragon's win against Stockport.

Mo Mhani, owner of Wrexham Kebabs and Pizza, and business partner Abdul Latif, were stunned to hand pizza over to none other than Rob McElhenney during his visit to Wrexham this weekend.

After celebrating Wrexham's win and promotion, it's no wonder Rob, his wife and his team had a late-night craving.

The Leader: Owner Mo Mhani with Rob McElhenney and wife Kaitlin OlsonOwner Mo Mhani with Rob McElhenney and wife Kaitlin Olson (Image: Mo Mhani)

Mo said: "Someone with an American accent came in to collect the order at 1.30am. We got chatting and they told us it was for Rob McElhenney who was waiting outside in a car. I thought it was a hoax at first.

"They ordered seven doner kebabs, a meat feast pizza and a cheese and tomato pizza. It totalled £100."

"We took the order out to the car and got to meet him. He was just so humble and kind. It meant to much to us, hopefully he enjoyed it.

"I also want to thank Bryan Swarberg the guy who Rob works with for asking if we'd like to meet him."

Situated on King Street, the business was founded in 1983 by Abdul's father Haji Subhi. Abdul is also a huge Wrexham AFC fan.

Mo added: "I took over the business in 2023 and we've become a lot busier since Rob and Ryan took over the football team. We've increased our customer base and we're even getting international customers."


Co-chairman Rob was thrilled with the success of the club receiving back-to-back promotions securing their place in League One.

Following the match which saw a 2-1 win against Stockport County FC, he said on 'X': "What a way to end the season! Congratulations to everyone who has a hand in the continued success of Wrexham AFC.

"The team, the staff, my co-chairman Ryan Reynolds, everyone. This is a win for us all!! Time to celebrate."