Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, two Hollywood stars have certainly “talked the talk” and “walked the walk” since taking over Wrexham Football club.

In November 2021, as the Mayor of Wrexham I had the honour and privilege to give Ryan and Rob a civic reception at the Racecourse football stadium. This was to celebrate them taking over the ownership of Wrexham FC and to welcome them both to Wrexham. (See attached picture).

Thinking back to when I first met them, my first impressions were that they are really down to earth good fella’s. They stated that they have big ambitions regarding the club and the town and true to their word this as certainly proved to be the case.

In the two and half years since our civic reception meeting, the football club has earned promotion in two consecutive seasons. What a fantastic achievement. Bring on division one.

The future certainly looks bright. Ryan and Rob have created a winning formula with them at the helm.Along with a great manager, strong players, great team spirit and a passionate and loyal fan base.

Wrexham is buzzing and long May it continue…

Cllr Ronnie Prince.

Ex Mayor of Wrexham 2021/22