TV personality and historian Ruth Goodman has now released a podcast hosted on BBC Sounds following a successful career as a presenter.

'The Curious History of Your Home' will cover the history of some key home features like you've never seen before.

From the sleek and compact vacuum cleaner, once powered by horses and operated by four to six people, to the ancient Greek practice of tooth brushing with ground-up bones and oyster shells, each episode promises a captivating exploration of our domestic surroundings.

Intrigued? The new weekly podcast has also been made by the award-winning history network Noiser. It is available now on BBC sounds and all other streaming platforms.

Born in Cardiff and now living in the Wrexham county, Ruth has previously presented Channel 5's 'On the Farm' as well as consulting on BBC programmes including 'Victorian Farm' and 'Inside the Factory.'

The Leader: Podcast graphicPodcast graphic (Image: Noiser)

She said: “Our homes are full of history, but not just in the dusty photo album in your cupboard. We are surrounded by household items that we often take for granted, but each of them has its own remarkable tales of discovery and invention.

"Everything from forks, wallpaper, curtains, to household pets, each has a story that’s just waiting to be told. And that’s exactly what I do in this new podcast series!"

The first episode which explores Wallpaper, once banned by Oliver Cromwell, aired on March 26 with each episode being released on a Tuesday.

Ruth continues: "I've always thought that the little things are not little. As a society, we've not paid enough attention to the ordinary and we've ignored the impact that the normal people have had upon the world.


"It's time for the rest of us to have a voice and be recognised for our attitudes, and how much our culture is based upon that.

"When I was studying my lifelong passion history in university, everything in the library was on Kings and Queens. The rest of humanity is simply not represented."

You can catch up with Ruth's intriguing podcast series now on BBC Sounds with a new episode to be released on April 30.