RECYCLE Your Electricals has confirmed half of single-use vapes get thrown in the bin in the UK (over 5 million per-week) which the organisation describes as very concerning.

Joined with Wrexham Council, Recycle Your Electricals is encouraging vape users to disapose of them in a safe and responsible manner.

The incorrect disposal of vapes and other items which contain batteries has caused fires to break out across the waste sector over recent months, so please take extra care.

Last month in Wrexham, the council has confirmed a fire break out at Bryn Lane recycling centre where the likely cause was a lithium battery often found in electrical goods like vapes.

Anything with a plug, battery or cable which isn’t recycled correctly carries a risk to people and buildings, so make sure you never put these items in the bin.

Cllr Terry Evans, lead member for Environment, said: “You should never put either single-use or rechargeable vapes in any waste bins or kerbside recycling containers, and if you do so you’ll be putting people at risk.

"It can cause fires to break out if they get crushed or damaged in bin lorries or at the recycling centres, creating potentially dangerous situations.”

How to dispose

Vapes can be accepted as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and can be disposed of in the Small Domestic Appliances (SDA) container at all of the household recycling centres in Wrexham.

A number of shops and supermarkets that sell vapes will also let you return them and recycle them for you. Take a look at Recycle Your Electricals’ recycling locator and type in ‘vapes’ to see where you can dispose of them.

What to do with batteries

You can recycle all types of batteries at the three recycling centres in Wrexham, even car batteries.

But if it’s just your everyday household batteries you’re looking to recycle, and if it’s more convenient for you, you should have the option to recycle them at a local shop too.

Since February 2010, shops who sell more than 32kg of batteries a year (approx. 345 x four-packs of AA batteries) have to provide battery recycling facilities in-store - so all the larger supermarkets and retailers provide these.

Gas canisters 

Gas canisters are potentially hazardous and should never be put in your rubbish bin. If you have one it’s best to check with the company you bought it from as they should be able to refill or dispose of it for you.


The smaller non-refillable gas bottle canisters (used for small cooking heaters) can be recycled with plastics and cans at kerbside ONLY IF they have no fluid or gas inside.

If they do have anything left in them you will need to take them to either Plas Madoc or Brymbo (The Lodge) recycling centre. Wrexham Council is unable to accept gas canisters at Bryn Lane recycling centre due to permit limitations.

Nitrous oxide canisters

If you have a nitrous oxide canister please take it to either Plas Madoc or Brymbo (The Lodge) recycling centre. The council is unable to accept nitrous oxide canisters at Bryn Lane recycling centre due to permit limitations.