JUST one month on from the Princess of Wales's cancer diagnosis, it has been revealed how her brave announcement could help save lives in Wales.

A study conducted by experts at The Devonshire Clinic has revealed searches for 'Signs of Cancer' and 'Abdominal Surgery' have risen since Kate Middleton's announcement. 

In Wrexham, searches for 'Signs of Cancer' rose by 200%. The data further revealed a major increase in searches for 'Abdominal Surgery' in Wrexham, Cardiff, Swansea, Bangor and Newport.

From February to April, Wrexham saw a 350% increase, followed by Cardiff (233%), Swansea (142%), Bangor (100%), and Newport (100%).

Dr Conal Perrett from The Devonshire Clinic said: “When Kate Middleton made the announcement about her cancer diagnosis last month, she played a crucial part in saving lives. 

"By sharing her experience, she shed light on the realities of battling cancer, and inspired others to search for the signs, seek help, and look for support. 


“In speaking out, Kate became a person to look up to for those facing similar challenges, to know that they’re not alone.

“As we can see in the research, speaking publicly has led to others searching for signs of cancer, increasing awareness, and ultimately saving lives.”

If you are experiencing symptoms, please contact a healthcare professional.