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How do I claim injury compensation from tractor driver who didn't see me on my bicycle when he reversed?

Q: I was riding my bicycle along a single-track country lane when a tractor with a trailer pulled out of a gateway in front of me. He was heading the same way as me and I didn't need to slow down, as he was a little bit ahead of me. However, just as I neared, the driver decided he couldn't quite get the trailer around the tight turn and he reversed to get a wider berth. The trailer hit my bicycle and I fell off, breaking my leg and dislocating my shoulder.

I have been unable to carry out my work as a self-employed blacksmith for more than three months now and fear I will lose customers as well as income. The tractor driver clearly hadn't seen me, but he claims it was my own fault for cycling too close. Unlike a car driver, I don't have insurance, so I don't know how to go about claiming compensation. Can a solicitor help me?

A: Certainly, a solicitor can help you and you should make an appointment to see one immediately. Cycling accidents can commonly happen when drivers fail to check their mirrors or blind spots. Here the tractor driver should have been more diligent, considering the harm that his tractor could cause.

As well as helping you to process a claim a solicitor can help you to gather evidence to support your claim. In addition, they will arrange for you to have an independent assessment of your injuries that also takes account of any long-term effects the accident may have on your health, wellbeing and finances.

Proving liability and fault in bicycle claims can however be complex, so you should ensure you seek advice from a local injury compensation solicitor who has experience in this type of claim.

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