WREXHAM'S Member of Parliament, Sarah Atherton MP has launched a petition to save Wrexham’s Metastatic Cancer Nurse.

Ms Atherton was recently contacted by a large number of concerned constituents regarding the potential cut to the Metastatic Cancer Nurse position in Wrexham.

Following this, Ms Atherton wrote to Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) to raise both her and residents’ concerns.

In their response, which Ms Atherton received after weeks of waiting, the Health Board confirmed that this post is being funded for a further three months whilst an evaluation is carried out on the service. After this, the Health Board will decide on the permanent funding for the post.

Ms Atherton is extremely concerned that the cut is being considered by the Health Board due to financial challenges.

At a time when only 52.9% of Welsh patients are starting treatment within two months of a diagnosis, well below the 75% target, Ms Atherton has called for resources to be provided to enhance cancer services in Wrexham – not scale them back or remove much-needed nurses.

The Welsh Government is responsible for running the NHS in Wales. The Welsh Government receives £18 billion a year from the UK Government to run Wales and in the Chancellor’s recent Spring Budget, he announced an additional £170 million for Wales.

The Welsh Government receives £1.20 for every £1 spent on healthcare in England. However, last year, the Welsh Government spent only £1.05 per person.

Ms Atherton recently wrote to the Minister for Health and Social Care to press for more funding to be provided by the Welsh Government to ensure that the Metastatic Cancer Nurse in Wrexham remains in post and permanently funded so that they can continue to provide invaluable support to local patients.

Ms Atherton’s petition can be found on her website homepage under ‘Save Wrexham’s Metastatic Cancer Nurse’.

Sarah Atherton MP commented: "As a former nurse, I know first-hand the crucial role Metastatic Cancer Nurses play in providing support and guidance to patients and their families battling cancer.

"It deeply concerns me and many constituents to hear of the potential cut to the Metastatic Cancer Nurse position in Wrexham.


"It's worrying that despite receiving substantial funding from the UK Government, the Welsh Government, which is responsible for running the Welsh NHS, continues to choose to waste money on vanity projects.

"What residents need is a government that prioritises funding our NHS health over unnecessary expenditures such as £34million on the 20mph speed limit, £120million on more Senedd members, and handing £19,200 per year to illegal migrants coming to Wales.

"I have launched a petition in order to send a strong message on behalf of the women of Wrexham to save Wrexham’s Metastatic Cancer Nurse, and I urge you to join me in this fight."