A NEW dating show is coming to our TV screens very soon featuring a contestant from North Wales.

Channel 4 and Workerbee (part of Banijay UK) have a new explosive dating show starting on April 23.

'Love Triangle' will see six singles (pickers) choosing between just two handpicked partners (suitors).

The Leader: North Wales contestant Dan on new series Love Triangle North Wales contestant Dan on new series Love Triangle (Image: Channel 4)

Based on a connection made only by texting, the single and their chosen match meet on a blind date before taking the extraordinary step of moving in together, in the hope of fast-tracking their relationship.

What the singles don’t know, is that the pursuit of a ‘happy ever after’ comes with an explosive twist, when the rejected match arrives looking for love.

One of the ‘pickers’ on the series, 27-year-old Dan Swygart, lives in Ruthin.

The young single Entrepreneur lives a high-flying life of non-stop travel. 

He's the CEO of his own company and has never worked for anyone else in his life. But whilst he has triumphed in the business and travel worlds, he now wants to find his perfect match.

Dan said: "I've always said yes to exciting opportunities. From travelling the world for seven years to having breakfast with Richard Branson to living in Bali. 

"So when I was invited to apply I knew this was an exciting opportunity. And I was excited to see who I'd meet through the process.

"In the back of my mind I thought it’s a TV show, they’re going to match me with someone random. But as I went through the process, I realised there’s much more depth involved.


"Working with a relationship psychologist there’s science behind the matching. So I was excited to see who I might meet through that process. And see if they could be a strong potential match."

After having his heart broken in recent years, Dan has started therapy and has worked hard to learn about himself so that he can build future relationships.

Whilst he's looking for someone who is adventurous like himself, they must be kind-hearted and emotionally intelligent.

See how Dan gets on when the highly-anticipated show airs on April 23 on E4.