THE FUTURE of public toilets in Llangollen remain uncertain as the town council seeks further information.

Denbighshire County Council is reportedly planning to rid itself of almost all of its public conveniences to help balance its budget.

Council chiefs are hoping that the running of some of the toilets can be taken over by town or community councils.

If this was not the case, then many public toilets - including the ones at Market Street in Llangollen - would face closure.

That possibility has sparked opposition from local residents in Llangollen, including a petition which has been signed by 140 people.

At the monthly Llangollen Town Council meeting held on Tuesday (April 16), members discussed and considered the 'implications of an asset transfer' of public toilets in Llangollen.

Councillors voted to seek further information about taking over the running of the public toilets in Market Street from Denbighshire council, before a decisions is made.


An agenda sheet handed out at the meeting stated that initial figures indicate that the current public conveniences run at a loss in excess of £23,000.

It added: "Should the town council be minded to consider an asset transfer then clearly these costs would have to be passed on to the precept and would put additional pressure on local council taxpayers in that there would not be any reciprocal saving reflected in the county council’s charges.

"Clearly the potential closure of the public conveniences in Llangollen has already generated significant local concern and has resulted in a call for the Town Council to consider the implications of such a closure.

"It is accepted that public toilets are considered important in supporting tourism, local events, and the overall quality of life for residents and visitors and therefore consideration must be given to the views of local residents, businesses, and community groups to understand their views and expectations regarding the transfer of ownership."

Town Council members agreed that 'independent expert advice' was needed before taking the next step.

In assessing the cost savings to the county council, the transfer of the toilet block to nearby Corwen Town Council has been cited as a template for the process of the transfer of the public conveniences to Community Councils where closures are planned.

That refurbishment is part of a wider project to improve the facilities at Green Lane car park which has been funded through the UK Government’s Levelling Up Fund.

Speaking about his concerns, Llangollen resident Chris Roberts, one of those responsible for the petition signed by over 140 people, said: "I think one of the big questions people have here in Llangollen is 'when are we going to be modernised?'

"If Corwen can take their toilets on, then so can we. It's highly important that we have public toilets here, especially with us being such a popular tourist location."