NORTH Wales Police are encouraging Flintshire residents to follow safety advice following an attempted burglary.

A property out building has been targeted in a burglary attempt in the Holywell area.

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As a result, police are encouraging all local residents to consider the following crime prevention advice:

  • Ensure that all garages, sheds and out buildings are closed and locked securely
  • Consider investing in floor anchors as well as a good quality padlock and chain 
  • Consider purchasing CCTV for the property which covers entry and exit points as well as any sheds, garages and out buildings
  • If you have a garage, consider purchasing a “Garage Door Defender”
  • Consider utilising the use of the national property register “Immobilise” (This is completely free and allows you to log tools or any valuables on an online database which is used by second hand retails and police forces around the UK
  • Consider purchasing SmartWater (Forensic marking kit)