TWO brothers who made terrifying threats with a kitchen knife in the street have been jailed.

Jordan and Blake Roberts, both of Bryn Goleu in Southsea, appeared at Caernarfon Crown Court via video link from HMP Berwyn on Thursday for sentence.

The brothers had admitted a raft of offences at a previous hearing.

Blake Roberts, 23, had pleaded guilty to making threats with a blade, possession of cocaine and malicious communication.

And 25-year-old Jordan Roberts had admitted making threats with a blade, making threats with  pointed article, criminal damage and non-dwelling burglary.

Laura Knightly, prosecuting, told the court that shortly after midnight on March 19 this year, Gareth Griffiths and his wife were in bed at their New Broughton home when they were awoken by a noise.

It wasn't until the morning that they checked their Ring doorbell and spotted Jordan Roberts kicking their gate.

They investigated and discovered their shed had been broken into.

As they were looking at the footage, they spotted the defendant over the road and Mr Griffiths asked "oi - is that you on our camera?"

The Leader: Jordan Roberts (NWP)Jordan Roberts (NWP) (Image: North Wales Police)Jordan Roberts replied: "F*** off," and left.

Mr Griffiths sought help from a man named Leighton Jones, who identified Jordan Roberts and took him to the address where he lives with his brother and mother.

After knocking, they were met by Blake Roberts opening a window and shouting: "You know who my brother is - we're gonna come to your house after and kill you and stab your missus."

The men left the area, but Leighton Jones received messages from Blake Roberts on Facebook giving him abuse and telling him he was "coming to your later with my brother."

Sure enough, the brothers arrived at Mr Jones' property some 15 minutes later and tried to open his front door.


Jordan Roberts punched it, breaking the window.

At that point, he was seen to be holding a 10 inch red-handled kitchen knife.

He told Mr Jones he was going to "stab him up."

Before leaving, both brothers had handled the knife.

Jordan Roberts then went on to Gareth Griffiths' house and tried to get in via his gate, shouting "I'm going to stab you," whilst holding a screwdriver.

He continuously made threats until the police arrived in the area, at which point he ran.

When officer arrived at the Jones' home, they found Blake had four wraps of cocaine.

In his statement, Mr Griffiths said the incidents had left him "really shook up" and terrified for his family's safety.

Blake Roberts had  14 previous convictions for 28 offences, and his brother had 23 convictions for 55 offences.

Oliver King, defending both brothers, told the court: "They are entirely realistic about they type of sentence they will receive today.

The Leader: Blake Roberts (NWP)Blake Roberts (NWP) (Image: North Wales Police)"Blake is a young man with a poor record.

"He was living at his mum's house at the time and when Mr Griffiths turned up at the door shouting it upset his mother.

"This caused him to see red, to send the messages and go round to [Leighton Jones'] house armed.

"He now knows of course that this was the wrong thing to do."

Mr King said he had depression, anxiety, psychosis and ADHD, and that he has been sectioned in the past.

Regarding Jordan Roberts, he added: "He was doing well following his release from his last sentence.

"Little can be said about the shed burglary - nothing was actually stolen.

"He also has problems with his mental health which impact on his ability to control his emotions and temper.

The Leader:

"Jordan gives a similar account to Blake regarding Mr Griffiths turning up outside their mums being angry.

"They completely overreacted and I don't seek to minimise that.

"The whole thing escalated."

Judge Nicola Saffman handed down an overall custodial sentence of two years to each of the brothers - to be served immediately.

A ten year restraining order was made to protect Mr Griffiths and his wife.