WICKES Wrexham has teamed up with Wrexham Round Table to bring much-needed renovations to the cherished Gwenfro Valley Community Playground in Caia Park.

This vital community asset had seen its beloved zipline fall into a state of disrepair, rendering it unusable and closed for several months due to a dire lack of funds and manpower for essential maintenance.

Gwenfro Valley Adventure Playground is a haven of creativity and play within one of the most deprived areas in North Wales, Caia Park.

For over ten years, this playground has offered a cost-free space where children can explore and adults can contribute to a dynamic and engaging environment of unstructured play.

Despite fundraising efforts, the playground was short £700 for the materials needed to restore the zipline.

The Leader: Zipline at Gwenfro ValleyZipline at Gwenfro Valley (Image: Wrexham Round Table)

Wickes Wrexham generously provided all the required supplies, including 20 bags of cement, 3 tonnes of sharp sand, and 4 tonnes of pea shingle, contributing a total of £679 towards the project.

Members of the Wrexham Round Table volunteered to help, dedicating their time and effort to transport and mix the materials, ensuring the playground’s key attraction was made safe and enjoyable once again.

Simon Gemmell, representing the local branch of Wickes was also on hand helping with the heavy work.

Simon said: “It’s always great to get involved in company charity events but being able to help out on a local level and meet the people who day in, day out to make a difference in their community is so heart-warming.”

The Leader: Karlos from Wrexham Round Table and Simon from WickesKarlos from Wrexham Round Table and Simon from Wickes (Image: Wrexham Round Table)

Karlos O'Neill, the chair of Wrexham Round Table, said: "Wrexham Round Table has been dormant for over seven years, but we're eager to let everyone know we are back and more driven than ever.

"Historically, we've been deeply involved in the community, and we're committed to continuing this legacy. With 18 volunteers already on board after advertising for less than a month, it’s clear we’re onto something special.

"Projects like Gwenfro Valley are exactly why we’re here—they're crucial and impact so many lives. If you're a man in Wrexham aged 18 to 45 looking to do more, come find us.

"We meet twice a month, have a good laugh, and give a little back to our community."


Gareth Olsen from Gwenfro Valley has extended his gratitude to Wickes Wrexham for their support and to the Wrexham Round Table for their swift and generous response.

He is urging people to visit their website and donate if possible. Now the hard bit has been completed they're hoping to have the zipline back open to the community in the next four weeks.

Wrexham Round Table invites local men who wish to contribute to their community while enjoying camaraderie to join their ranks.