A WEBSITE received about half-a-million hits following the first episode of BBC Two and iPlayer series - Pilgrimage: The Road Through North Wales.

The first episode - part of a three-part series - aired on Good Friday.

In response to the programme, the North Wales Pilgrims Way Committee and its website has been inundated with views and enquiries.

Ron Williams, On behalf of North Wales Pilgrims Way Committee, said: "We believe that we have created a very good route across North Wales. As well as religious places and centres it takes the walker through some of North Wales' most spectacular countryside. 

"The committee has created a website and over a weekend, it received almost half a  million hits following the first episode of the TV series. This could generate a lot of Pilgrims/Walkers over the coming months and years."

Ron said that the section of the route through Trelogan, located between located between Mostyn and Trelawnyd, and Llansannan,  between Abergele and Denbigh, needs more accommodation on or near the path.

He said: "This can be provided by farmers with spare buildings, community halls, churches, chapels, etc.

"The committee can help interested groups access funds to convert or upgrade buildings.

"There is also an opportunity for a business to provide luggage transfer between their overnight accommodation."

Those taking part in the spiritual journey include: Wildlife presenter Michaela Strachan who places her faith in the natural world; Spencer Matthews, a former ‘Made in Chelsea’ reality star, who was christened Church of England but is still searching for answers to life’s big questions; Sonali Shah, a journalist and TV presenter who grew up in a Jain family; comedian Eshaan Akbar, a lapsed Muslim; Amanda Lovett, a practicing Catholic, who catapulted into the public eye in the first series of Traitors; actor Tom Rosenthal of Friday Night Dinner fame, who is areligious; and TV personality and former model Christine McGuinness, who is spiritual but doesn’t practice one particular faith.

The pilgrims journeyed from Flint Castle to Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island), along the North Wales Pilgrim’s Way.

The pilgrimage route, established in 2011, offers a blend of ancient churches and holy wells dedicated to early saints, with Bardsey Island – known as the ‘Island of 20,000 saints'.

Revd Eryl Parry, Pioneer Priest based in the Conwy Valley and Chaplain on Bardsey met the pilgrims as they travelled to the remote hilltop church of St Celynnin, above Conwy, one of the oldest churches in Wales.

“Llangelynnin is often described as a thin place where heaven touches earth,” said Eryl.

 “We hope that this BBC Pilgrimage series will help people discover afresh the deep spirituality embedded in our Welsh landscape.

“I felt privileged to spend time with those God brought to Llangelynnin for the programme, right through from the pilgrims to production team. They had the chance to explore Llangelynnin for themselves before I led them on a contemplative walk to a viewing point.


“Often on pilgrimage, we can have the experience of God speaking through our conversations with one another, but I find times of stillness in stopping places can become really significant. They are what we call ‘Ponder Spots’ – when God can guide our minds and touch our hearts as we reflect on what we have seen and heard. That is when the inner journey can truly begin.”

One of the consultants to the programme was the former Archdeacon of St Asaph and Dean of St Asaph Cathedral, the Venerable Chris Potter.

He and his wife, Jenny, inspired the creation of the North Wales Pilgrims Way following their own pilgrimage on the Camino in Spain and France.

Those interested in providing accommodation on or near the path can email info@northwalespilgrimsway.com 

Viewers can watch the whole series on BBCiplayer or tune in weekly. The final episode is on Friday, April 12.