WREXHAM'S 'oldest barbershop' is celebrating one year since the business was taken over by new leadership.

Henry's Barbers, previously called Henry's Gent's Hairdressers and Man's World, has been at its address on Charles Street since 1968.

The Leader: The barbers received a HUGE transformation which was completed in February this yearThe barbers received a HUGE transformation which was completed in February this year (Image: Henry's Barbers)

Formerly owned by Henry Kupski for nearly 30 years, the business was taken over on April 1, 2023 by Saira Griffiths-Hughes who has breathed new life into the much-loved shop. 

Celebrating one year of success, Saira has achieved some fantastic things during the past 12 months. From getting a great team together to getting on social media and not forgetting the huge transformation - its truly been a blast.

She said: "This 12 months has been a labour of love for me, growing from being a barber to the proprietor of a barbershop was a huge transition.

"I’m constantly learning skills in management, marketing, finance and everything else!

"My personal goals were to create a place we are proud to work, to have staff happy in their roles and for us all to have a positive work life balance.

"I’m immensely proud of Shereen and all my staff. Team work makes the dream work!"

One of Saira's biggest challenges since taking on the role was to renovate the building without taking away its proud history.

After being a barber for 20-years and intending to spend the next 20-years in the industry, Saira decided it was time to restyle the Wrexham business -  believed to be oldest barbers in Wrexham - for her regulars and to attract new customers through the door.

"To finally get the shop front to match its character and fit in with Charles Street is fantastic", Saira said.


"I also want to say a big THANK YOU to our customers. From the ones that have been coming since the 70’s to the ones that had their first visit last week!

"Thank you for your continued support, feedback and online reviews! It really makes a big impact for this small business."

Saira is thrilled to have made huge steps during her first year at Henry's and cannot wait to see what happens next.