A YOUNG Wrexham AFC fan with a rare genetic disease is set to get his dream family home.

Earlier this year, charity organisation Wrexham Police FC launched a fundraiser for a very special little boy who desperately needed the support of his hometown.

Four-year-old Louis Perrin was born with a rare genetic condition called TUBA1A.

As well as having epilepsy and cerebral palsy, the young Wrexham AFC fan suffers from painful leg spasms and limited mobility leading him to become dependent on a wheelchair.

The family from Wrexham told us they need to adapt their family home to support Louis and meet his medical needs.

The Leader: Louis PerrinLouis Perrin (Image: Aaron Perrin)

Last month, the fundraiser exceeded its target of £40,000 making the world of difference to Louis and his family - and its all down to the love, kindness and support of Wrexham residents.

Construction work has now finally commenced on the Perrin household, meaning Louis will soon be able to access all rooms, including his own bedroom, which he has been unable to do up until now.

Aaron Perrin, Louis's dad, said: "We have had fantastic momentum in fundraising. The rate of donations we never expected and have found it overwhelming and very moving.

The Leader:

"The first stage of work started this week preparing the footings and groundwork. Louis loved watching the digger. We couldn't have dreamed for it to have started so soon.

"We now need to get organised with all the tradespeople to work out their availability but hope to have the extension finished in the autumn... maybe the garden made accessible too, depending on the budget. Louis will be five-years-old in the summer.

"The difference this will make to him and our family can't be underestimated. It means we will be able to care for him with dignity without it impacting our physical health.

"It also enables him to come and go as he pleases throughout the ground floor, his bedroom, bathroom and garden.

"We can't say thank you enough to every single person for donating, organising fundraisers and being there for our little boy."


Louis is a huge Wrexham AFC fan and regularly watches his beloved team.

The work being done to the family home will create ease and accessibility for Louis, allowing him to have his own space to grow and reach his potential.

All donations, big and small, are hugely appreciated by Louis and his family.