THE HEADTEACHER of a Flintshire school says the glowing inspection report it has received is 'testament' to what can be achieved when 'everyone works together'.

Ysgol Treffynnon recently received a highly positive Estyn inspection.

The report emphasises the school's dedication to excellence, its particularly strong leadership, exceptional pastoral care, high-quality teaching, commitment to inclusivity, and robust community engagement.

It states that “leadership has had a positive impact on several important aspects of the school’s work, including the quality of teaching, the effectiveness of improvement processes and increasing pupil attendance,” and commends the headteacher’s “thoughtful leadership,” saying that he “provides passionate and committed leadership and is a strong role model who has high expectations of himself and others.”

It also says that headteacher John Weir is “supported well by the senior leadership team, whose roles and responsibilities are well defined and understood", and that together they provide "a clear strategic direction for the school and have high expectations of themselves, staff, and pupils."

The Leader: John Weir, headteacher, Ysgol Treffynnon John Weir, headteacher, Ysgol Treffynnon (Image: Ysgol Treffynnon)

This strong leadership has been instrumental in driving significant improvements across the school, despite financial challenges.

Within the care, support and wellbeing category, the school's commitment to wellbeing is highlighted as follows; "Ysgol Treffynnon prioritises wellbeing and promotes its ethos of inspiring self-belief, perseverance, respect, integrity, and trust (SPIRIT) amongst its pupils."

The tailored pastoral support and effective collaboration with external agencies underscores the school’s dedication to providing a “safe, inclusive and nurturing environment where pupils are encouraged to develop and mature with confidence.”

Under teaching and its impact on engagement and learning, the report finds that many teachers provide "engaging learning experiences" and “foster good working relationships with pupils based on mutual respect.”

With effective classroom management and constructive feedback, teaching is “effective in ensuring that all groups of pupils engage well with work and make sound progress.”

In addition, the report notes the school’s effective coordination of support for students with additional learning needs (ALN), stating that "the ALN team have a secure understanding of pupils’ learning needs and purposefully co-ordinates the interventions available to pupils with ALN."

The school’s curriculum “offers appropriate breadth and balance to pupils,” and there is “a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities available to pupils.

"These include many lunchtime and after-school clubs for sports, performing arts, crafts and IT as well as provision for homework support and revision. In addition, teachers plan for a wide variety of educational visits and enrichment activities which complement the curriculum.”


Inspectors made four recommendations to help the school continue to improve. Reduce the rate of fixed term exclusions, work with the local authority to eliminate the deficit budget, improve the provision for the progressive development of pupils’ numeracy and Welsh language skills and improve teaching in a minority of instances so that pupils engage fully with the work and develop their independent learning skills.

Mr Weir said: "The achievements recognised through this inspection report are a testament to what can be achieved when everyone works together to ensure our students receive the high standards they deserve."

“The significant progress the school has continued to make is proof of the effective partnership working between the school, the Local Education Authority, and GwE. It highlights what can be achieved when everyone is prepared to work hard, persevere, and maintain an unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

“A huge ‘thank you’ must go to all our students. They are our inspiration and the reason we do what we do.”

Norma Collin,Chair of Governors, said: "Ysgol Treffynnon received a positive assessment that acknowledged numerous strengths within the school community. The report highlighted the staff's unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of every student, emphasising that this value is central to the school's work. This recognition reflects the school's dedication to creating a supportive and nurturing environment for all students."