SHAUN Harvey has revealed Wrexham's worth has increased by £7m since the takeover of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. 

The Hollywood pair bought the Reds in 2021 and have seen interest in the club skyrocket since the announcement of their interest. 

Hit docu-series Welcome to Wrexham as well as smart marketing and a record-breaking promotion campaign has really put the club on the map, with fans from all over the world visiting the city. 

Rob and Ryan initially invested £2m into the club when they took over, with Club Director Harvey now detailing the League Two side's worth is now £9m. 

The Leader: Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenneyRyan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney (Image: N/A)

The growth of the club has not just come financially, but also socially. The number of followers has risen from 152,000 to just under 4m, across all platforms.

Speaking at the SportNXT conference in Australia, Harvey said: "It is worth noting, it is an investment that has paid off. Now worth £9m.

"The main reason for ownership was the town's history and to provide hope to the town whilst offering something the community could get behind.

"The social media growth has been astronomical from 2020 to 2024, seeing an increase from 152,000 to 3,981,747 across all platforms.

"Ultimately, it was exposure, the spotlight that had been shone and all of a sudden, everybody wanted to see what was going on. We successfully managed the football club in the town for the local community and built everything else around it. It remained relatable.

“Focusing on the community rather than the owners is what has made the docuseries such a success.

“We’re in a position where the community around the football club is proud."

The Reds are pushing for back-to-back promotions, which if successful would see them plying their trade in League One. 


The Hollywood pair have ambitions to reach the Premier League, but in the short term have put a spotlight on the EFL and National League.

Harvey added "The ownership and success has now created a spotlight on the Football League and non-league football, making it attractive for overseas investment.

"Wrexham was everyone's favourite second team until we started winning. The more you win, the more people will look to see you fail. 

"The increased exposure has given us better players and we provide unique selling points for players by providing them with more exposure."