READERS have had their say after the first six months of Wales' new 20mph scheme were branded "hell" by an experienced driving instructor.

The Leader reported on Monday how Stuart Walker, from Wrexham, spoke of his concerns for new drivers after witnessing an increase in road rage and risky manoeuvres since the national rollout of the 20mph zones.

He described the scheme as "poorly organised" and "not fit for purpose."

Readers took to our Facebook page to share their views on the first six months of the scheme.

Phil Rees said: "A good idea in principle, badly implemented."

Paula Duffy said: "Most people are against it and not complying with the 20mph. It needs to go back as it was before September. Make the roads safer again."

Rincewind Cymru said: "20’s plenty. People just don’t like change. Five years from now it’ll be the norm."

Cefyn Hughes said: "Frustrating.. I can understand 20mph by schools and in streets on housing estates but not a blank ban [on] main roads and main streets should never [have] been touched -  there is a difference between a road with houses on it and an estate with houses."

Jackie Aitken said: "Wrexham to Mold Road is really frustrating! They reduced it to 30 then 20, it should be a 40mph road."

Jamie Hughes said: "It's horrendous. Since it's been introduced, I have witnessed 'off the scale' road rage, tailgating and aggressive driving. People at each others throats brought on by frustration caused by this pathetic rule."

Adrian Barratt said: "Doesn't bother me, felt a bit slow to start with, it'll be right across the UK soon."

The Leader: Clockwise from top left: Cllr Carol Ellis, Stuart Walker and Cllr Mike Peers (Newsquest). Centre: 20MPH sign (Getty)Clockwise from top left: Cllr Carol Ellis, Stuart Walker and Cllr Mike Peers (Newsquest). Centre: 20MPH sign (Getty) (Image: Getty/Newsquest)Colette Parry said: "Nightmare. Mobility scooter could go faster.... right place right time for 20mph limits."

Eddie Vine said: "It’s just pointless in my opinion. We live two miles inside Wales and before the 20mph came, we travelled the further distance to Wrexham to do our food shop, entertainment, petrol, cinema, restaurant, clothes shopping etc.

"Since this nonsense came in we’ve switched to taking the shorter distance to Whitchurch to spend our money.

"I’m all for putting my money back into Wales but I’m not risking a fine and points, we could not get to grips with crawling at 20mph and couldn’t risk a fine.

"Well done Welsh Government, myself and many of the residents here now spend our money over in England."

Tracy Jones said: "The worst is when the car in front is doing 16 just in case."

Angela Reynolds said: "It’s been implemented badly, planned badly and isn’t without issues. It’s here to stay so time to suck it up, get on with things and stop moaning."

Following concerns from Mr Walker - as well as Buckley Councillors Carol Ellis and Dave Peers - a Welsh Government spokesman responded: “The introduction of a 20mph speed limit in mainly residential areas is designed to save lives and make our communities safer for everyone, including motorists. 

"It has been thoroughly researched, voted on in the Senedd and received the backing from a majority of Senedd Members."