Plans to build 70 homes near the Flintshire border with Wrexham have been approved despite concerns about the impact on local services.

An application by Castle Green Homes to develop land known as the Bluebell Field off the A541 Wrexham Road in Abermorddu was considered by councillors this week.

The developers said the scheme would help to meet a need for housing in the area, with a mixture of two, three and four-bedroom properties, including 21 set aside as "affordable housing".

A total of 52 objections were lodged against the plans due to concerns it would add to sewage problems in the area and place an extra demand on local schools and GP surgeries.

Issues were also raised at Wednesday's (March 13, 2024) meeting of Flintshire Council's planning committee regarding the loss of green space and the impact on traffic in the area.

Local resident Claire Olsen said: “Residents have already submitted extensive objections not only to this application, but also to previous applications and I do feel very strongly about this proposal.

“There are other sites within our area that are deemed to be more appropriate rather than using this area, which not only has a plethora of fauna and flora, but also is of significant importance to the residents.

“With there being 70 houses, which will inevitably mean 70 cars, this will have an increased impact on the infrastructure.

“Particularly given the location on the extremely busy road, that clearly is going to have a significant and detrimental impact on the local community.

“It is unfortunately an age-old problem that we cannot get doctor's appointments or dental appointments and clearly, there are issues across the board.”

Despite the opposition, the local authority's chief planning officer recommended the scheme should be approved due to the site being included in Flintshire's Local Development Plan (LDP).

In a report to councillors, Andrew Farrow said there was a need for houses which form part of they key strategic plan to move forward.

The Leader:

But community councillor Lyn Davies said there were major concerns over the impact on the area's sewage system.

She said: “Our main concern is the inadequate sewage system which is not fully considered in the LDP as new information has emerged and problems have worsened.

“The sewage works, and ancient pipes are severely stressed leading to regular sewage overflows.

“Any increase, plus added surface water, would lead to increase phosphate levels in our river system.

“The land is subject to flooding and there are regular incidents of sewage erupting from grids in the areas and emitting foul smells.”

Local county councillor David Healey also objected to the proposals due to drainage issues.

However, committee members said they were concerned that refusing permission for a site within the LDP could lead to speculative developments being brought forward.

Cllr Richard Jones said: “This is allocation within the LDP for 70 dwellings and if we don't provide planning permission for these, then we will fall foul of speculative applications in the future.

“If there are serious issues, as mentioned by the local member, perhaps they should have been brought forward at the time of the LDP, rather than waiting to this late stage.”


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Cllr Chris Bithell, cabinet member for planning, also echoed his comments.

He said: “All developments are opposed by individuals for a variety of reasons as people don't like change.

“People have to have somewhere to live, and we have to accept that.

“If we don't, someone else will and we’ll have a lot of speculative applications by developers.”

The application was recommended for approval subject to the firm agreeing to pay a contribution of just under £222,000 towards improvements at Castell Alun High School in nearby Hope, as well as funding changes to parking restrictions.

Councillors voted in favour of granting permission by nine votes to four at the end of the debate.