THE Wrexham AFC star behind the takeover of the Croes Howell is looking for new name suggestions for the venue.

The restaurant and bar, and wedding venue announced its shock closure in late November of last year. 

The Leader reported that a new company closely linked to the Fat Boar was in talks to take over the running of the venue.

The Fat Boar's director, Rich Watkin said the pub and restaurant and events venue, situated between Llay and Rossett, could reopen in early April. 

Wrexham AFC player involved in the takeover was recently revealed as home-grown midfield star Jordan Davies.

And now, the 25-year-old has posted on X (formerly Twitter) calling for people to make suggestions for a new name for the Croes Howell, stating that he wants to "freshen it up". 


Lots of suggestions were named in the replies. Some were to do it with its location - such as Miner’s Mile and The Straight Mile - with the venue sitting at the end of that road. 

Other included a nod to Wrexham AFC, with suggestions including 'The Mull Inn', and 'Llay Ras'.

Thinking of Welsh names "Y Bêl a'r Ddraig" The Ball and Dragon. With a cool pub sign that features a Dragon and football!

Rob McElhenney also responded, posting: "You have a restaurant?! How is this the first I’m hearing about this? Whatever you name it, let us know so we can help spread the word!"

Jordan replied: "Thank you Rob, we are currently renovating it! Looking to open in a month or so… hopefully ready for some celebrations".