NO criminal proceedings are to be pursued against three Wrexham councillors in respect of opposition to the county's Local Development Plan (LDP), it has been confirmed.

In December, the authority voted for a third time on the controversial plan - with members having attempted to reject it two times previously.

Given a Judge quashed those two refusals and ordered the council to hold a third vote to adopt the LDP, as well as warning of further legal action including more costs, councillors did just that.

But opposition to the plan remains.

A crowdfunding page was set up by "Wrexham Councillors" in January with the intent of challenging an "unfair and democratic situation" imposed on the county council.

It has now been confirmed an investigation has been carried out - with no further action from either the police or Crown Prosecution Service.

A statement issued by Councillors Mark Pritchard and Marc Jones on Wednesday, explained: "The news that the police and Crown Prosecution Service are taking no further action regarding a complaint against three Wrexham councillors is very welcome.

"In our opinion, this was a vexatious and groundless complaint by someone acting on behalf of vested interests and against the interests of Wrexham.

"Because councillors challenged the Local Development Plan, which does not deliver what local communities need, we have been subject to all manner of threats.

"But this is now about more than planning alone. 

"It’s about democracy and who runs Wrexham Council. 

"If a majority of councillors vote twice to say this Local Development Plan is not what we need, then that should’ve been good enough. 

"If members vote against officer recommendations and vote in the way they want to support their communities, they should not enter the council chamber under threat of jail. 

"We’ve been under police investigation for more than four months. It was a cynical attempt to silence us, to bully and intimidate elected councillors who are standing up for their communities.

"This has been a difficult and stressful time for ourselves and our families.  

The Leader: Wrexham CouncilWrexham Council (Image: Staff)

"The accusation of malfeasance in public office carried a potential maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

"Throughout this, we have tried to do the right thing. We have followed independent legal advice and we will continue to challenge powerful people who are not acting in the best interests of Wrexham.

"That’s why we are taking them to court through a judicial review, and we suspect that’s what is upsetting those who have tried to silence us.

"To go to court we have to pay a barrister. That’s not cheap and that’s why we're raising funds from people in the community to make sure Wrexham has a voice in this process. 

"They’ve tried to shut us up but we will not be silenced and will have our day in court. Democracy should not be silenced by the powerful.

"If you want to support the campaign for democracy in Wrexham, please donate whatever you can."

Detective Inspector Dean Jones said: “North Wales Police can confirm reports and statements were recorded from Wrexham County Borough Council and the Welsh Government and a subsequent referral was made to the Crown Prosecution Service, who made a decision that no criminal proceeding would be pursued in relation to the matter.”