A company in Wrexham has received the maximum fine possible after failing to comply with advertisement regulations.

After an illuminated sign was erected on an e-cig shop on Hope Street, Wrexham Council contacted the owners to advise them that the sign needed to be smaller and the illumination turned off, but this was not done.

Consequently, the company was taken to court and fined the maximum amount possible by Wrexham Magistrates Court – £1,000 with an additional £400 victim surcharge and £280 costs.  


The court made it clear that if the works aren’t completed within the next week they would expect the council to issue a further prosecution.

Councillor Hugh Jones, lead member for strategic planning and public protection, said: “Wrexham Council takes failure to comply with planning regulations very seriously.

“Our planning officers are always happy to advise businesses to make sure they work within the rules, which are there to protect the County Borough and its residents. 

"They will also not hesitate to take enforcement action when it is expedient to do so.”