A MUM-of-four has been locked up after her involvement in a class A drugs conspiracy.

Victoria Robbins, of High Street in Glyn Ceiriog, appeared for sentence at Caernarfon Crown Court on Wednesday morning.

The 42-year-old had admitted one offence of conspiring to supply a class A drug at a previous occasion.

Robbins had become involved with an organised criminal group based in Wrexham which had been sourcing drugs from the Merseyside area.

The defendant's charge related to two dates - October 27 and 28, 2022 - on which she acted as a courier.

It was accepted by Judge Nicola Saffman that Robbins had acted out of naivety, whilst "in the thrall" of her then partner.

While her involvement was limited, she'd turned "a blind eye" to the reality of what she was doing.


On October 28, she was apprehended and found to have 250g of unadulterated cocaine.

Judge Saffman sentenced the co-conspirators in December, but postponed Robbins' sentence until this week in order to fully explore the impact any immediate custodial sentence would have on her four children.

Philip Tully, defending, told the court: "She played a limited role under direction and was involved by exploitation.

The Leader: Victoria Robbins (NWP)Victoria Robbins (NWP) (Image: North Wales Police)"She certainly had no influence on the chain and no awareness of the scale of the operation.

"And of course, she was involved on only two days.

"She is the mother of four children and any period of custody would result in significant harmful effect - and also potential future wellbeing."

Mr Tully described the defendant as "a vulnerable person," who has difficulties with her mental and physical health.

Her conviction had resulted in her losing her job, he added.

"The pre-sentence report makes clear she is a low risk of offending and can be managed in the community," Mr Tully said.

Judge Saffman said the mitigation had been the most compelling she'd ever heard.

But, even taking into account the defendant's circumstances, the sentence could only be brought down to an "absolute minimum" of four years, which must be served immediately.

The Judge told Robbins: "You were, in effect, involved with a drug to which you were addicted - cocaine.

The Leader:

"You were part of a conspiracy and you were not there at every stage. Most people involved in a conspiracy rarely are.

"But you were an essential cog in the machine.

"Before this, you were a hard working woman contributing to society.

"I have no doubt you will never be before the court again.

"I am aware of the impact this sentence will have on your children and I am aware of the impact their distress and emotional harm will have on you.

"Do not be crushed by this sentence - get through it. Get out the other side and stay away from the type of individual who dragged you into this situation in the first place."