A FLINTSHIRE author and writing coach is searching for talented young writers across North Wales.

Aptly launched on World Book Day (March 7), Cheryl Hart, in association with Inkhart Publishing, is running the Young Author Competition.

She said: "The goal is to get kids writing stories and to publish them in a paperback book featuring a compilation of the best short stories.

"This is a project aimed at children to empower them through story-telling. Children are natural story-tellers without limitation.

Aithor and writing coach Cheryl Hart.

Aithor and writing coach Cheryl Hart.

"I'll be pushing this within home school communities as well, so we don't leave anyone out. Home schooled children are in need of some empowerment and recognition. The competition is open to any child - home schooled or not.

"We learn so much from stories. They're the thread of life. I want this project to empower creativity in young minds, creating young authors, and be a platform for young minds to have their creative voices heard and read."

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The Young Author Competition is open to children from ages five to 16 years. Children aged five to eight can submit up to 250 words, children aged nine to 12 can submit up to 500 words and 13 to 16-year-olds can submit up to 600 words. There will be two winners selected from each age category. Closing date for entries is August 31, 2024 and winners will receive a creative writing goodie bundle.

Each story submitted will be read, with the best stories to be published in a paperback book of short stories. All submissions to be emailed to cheryl@cherylhart.co.uk

Full entry details can be found at cherylhart.co.uk/young-author-competition along with a host of story writing resources.