A COUNTY Council has received hundreds of applications to restore 30mph speed limits on roads which were affected by the blanket 20mph rollout last year.

Buckley Councillor Mike Peers has encouraged residents to raise their concerns about the 20mph limits with Flintshire Council -  with a view to having roads reassessed.

He explained: "There is a push to get the 30mph back and we've said this since the pilot was put on us.

"We were opposed to the 20mph on key, arterial roads; the A549 being one of those.

"The county council has had 300 applications to change roads back to 30 across the county.

"Everyone knows that people are happy with 20mph on estate roads, outside health and community centres and schools.

"But when you get mile after mile of 20mph... the convoy of cars makes it difficult for people pulling out of side roads.

"If it's applied in the right place people will abide by it."

Residents can request a road assessment via Flintshire Council's website.

Speaking from his own experience of the 20mph limit on a road he didn't feel needed it, Cllr Peers added: "I travelled from Broughton to Sandycroft - down the length of Manor Lane.

"There are no schools there. No houses, no health centres and no community centres.

"Yet the whole length of that road is 20mph."

Cllr Carol Ellis said: "People still say to me they are confused about where it's 20 and 30.

"A lot of people don't know what the limit is in a lot of places."

Cllr Ellis said the confusion can cause motorists to be overly cautious, which brings other issues.

"Some people are doing 15," she said, "and that causes others a lot of anger."

Cllr David Ellis said: "People believe the A549 should be a 30mph, and I do agree with that."

Anthony Stanford, Transport Manager, said: “In November, the Council launched a 20mph exceptions application process to allow members of the public to put forward roads for consideration, which in their opinion, could be exceptions and potentially revert back to 30mph.

“So far we have received over 300 applications and this number continues to grow.

"Due to the volume of applications and limited resources, this process will take some time to complete as each application must be assessed in accordance with Welsh Government’s exceptions criteria. 

"To help officers manage the demand, applications will be prioritised by A and B classified roads initially, followed by C and U classified roads.”