TREES are set to be planted across Wrexham's city centre as part of the council's ongoing improvement works.

Wrexham Council is going to plant 16 large trees on Town Hill, Yorke Street and the High Street.

To accommodate them within planned new paving in these areas they will have to remove the existing trees in Yorke Street and Town Hill. In total seven trees will be removed.

The seven trees are young and of mixed species planted in an informal, ad-hoc scheme.

All efforts will be made to transplant the root balls of these trees to other, more suitable locations.

The new trees will be of more suitable species and planted to provide a more formal, uniform appearance; more in-keeping with the desired improvements to the High Street and Yorke Street.

The trees will be planted in load-bearing, structured cell planting pits which will provide a better rooting environment and one more conducive to healthy root development without any risk of future ground disturbance.

The new trees will be between five and seven metres high when planted.

Due to the bird nesting season the council will remove all the trees before the March 1 so there may be a gap between this and when the paving work commences.

Yorke Street will have six upright growing Oaks planted and the planting on High Street and Town Hill will consist of Whitebeam, Hornbeam, Elm, Ginko, Honey Locust Cherry and Evergreen Oak.


Nigel Williams, lead member for Economy and Regeneration, said: “The removal of trees is not something we do lightly but the existing trees are not thriving well.

"The planned new paving provides the ideal opportunity to replace them with trees that are planted in a way that suits their environment to allow them to thrive in an urban environment.”

Wrexham residents are being reminded to vote for the Acton Park Chestnut Tree to be crowned Europe's favourite for 2024 at