A brewery company is seeking a lawful development certificate in respect of a caravan site located next to a pub in Halkyn.

JW Lees Limited has applied to Flintshire Council for the approval of the use of the campsite attached to the Britannia Inn in Halkyn.

According to documents submitted to the local authority, the land which is covered by hardstanding has been used to house caravans since at least 2009.

The Manchester-based firm is now seeking to legalise the arrangement after providing information to support its claim that the caravan site has been in constant use for more than ten years.

In a letter to the council, agents acting on the company's behalf said: “JW Lees Ltd seeks lawful Development Certificate Approval for the existing caravan site operation at The Britannia Inn, Halkyn.

The Leader:

“The following information will indicate that the caravan site has been in use / operation for in excess of 10 years.

“Google Maps Street View photographs dated June 2009, July 2021 and June 2023 all show street signage for caravan site in place at the entrance to the caravan site and also on a post sign between the pub and the entrance to the caravan site.

“It is unknown what date the signage was erected but the photograph dated June 2009 was taken approximately 14 years and seven months ago and therefore confirms that the caravan site use is in excess of ten years.”

The council's website lists two circumstances in which people can apply for a lawful development certificate.

One is where someone wants to know whether a proposed development, including new works or changes of use of land, would be lawful if carried out.

The other example is where someone is in doubt as to whether or not existing buildings, operations or uses of land are lawful.

Comments can be made on the application via the local authority's website with a decision due at a later date.