MILLIONS watched Sir Anthony Hopkins turn into Wrexham AFC's mascot during a Super Bowl ad break. 

The legendary Welsh actor became Wrex the Dragon for STōK Cold Brew's advert during the USA's biggest sporting night. 

STōK Cold Brew Coffee was named Wrexham AFC's official stadium sponsor last year, and featured the stadium in its advert during last night's match. 

The Super Bowl is typically watched by well over 100 million people worldwide - as Wrexham AFC's position as a now global brand was reinforced. 

To act is to deceive," says Hopkins in the advert. "But, to become this beast well, that requires a little extra kick."

"Now, hear me roar," the actor, 86, continues in the commercial before putting on the head of the dragon.


Once in full costume, he is seen interacting with fans on the field at STōK Cae Ras.

Hopkins's voice booms: "This is what they came to see. They love me! Roar!"

In the final scene, Hopkins says: "Ironically it is the cold brew that births the fire-breathing dragon," as he sips a glass of STōK's cold brew in a locker room before being warned by a voice off-screen that the second half of the game is about to start as chants of 'Wrexham! Wrexham!' are heard in the background. 

That wasn't the only Wrexham link during the Super Bowl. The first trailer for Deadpool 3 - starring the club's co-owner Ryan Reynolds - was also shown. 

The threequel will bring back Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, and pair him up with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in his first Marvel appearance since 2017's critically-acclaimed Logan.

After its filming was interrupted by the Hollywood strikes last year, Deadpool 3 finally wrapped production in January 2024. 

The film will be released worldwide on July 26, with the UK being treated to the movie one day earlier on July 25.

While posting about the first look trailer on his social media, Reynolds also jokingly asked if anybody had seen his wife, Blake Lively. She couldn't be missed - given she was with best-friend Taylor Swift – the pair making a series of appearances on screen during the Super Bowl. 

The Kansas City Chiefs became the first back-to-back Super Bowl winners in 19 years with a 25-22 overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas.