THE FOUNDER of a group which helps people combat loneliness and so much more has been awarded a prize given to Wrexham's greatest community heroes.

The F Jones Initiative recognises those who contribute most to the Wrexham community and was originally established by Wrexham Lager and F Jones Food Service.

From artist Liam Stokes-Massey (known for the Mullin mural!) to poet Evrah Rose, there has been some recognisable figures who have been given the prize over the last year.

Now, the latest recipient is Wrexham African Community founder Omonigho Idegun.

'Omo' moved to the UK from Nigeria back in 2006 and later moved to north Wales in 2011.

Upon moving to Wrexham, she founded the town's first African community CIC and the African community market.

Omo founded the Wrexham African Community in 2019, initially helping just 15 families, and it quickly began to grow into something much bigger.

In April 2023, it became a CIC (social enterprise) and now helps over 500 families from all over Wrexham and the surrounding areas.


In July 2023, Omo opened Obehi’s African Community Market, alongside her fellow directors.

That once empty shop on Queen Street is now run by Omo who has given up her day job to work  seven days a week there on a voluntary basis.

Before Obehi's existed, Omo would travel several times a week to Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham to get groceries for the families she supported.

After handing Omo the prize, the F Jones Initiative team said: "As a single parent herself, facing many challenges, Omo realised that there was a need for a support group in Wrexham.

"She set up the Wrexham’s African Community to help people moving to the area combat loneliness and isolation. A WhatsApp group was set up allowing members to contact and support each other. It brings people together, enabling them to help each other with many issues.

"Before the African community started, people would have to travel more than 50 miles to buy ingredients, to cook traditional food that reminded them of home.

"The community she supports can now buy herbs and spices from all over Africa, here in Wrexham and there is a regular supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. It also means that the Wrexham community in general, can also have a taste of African food.

"Obehi’s African Community Market also subsidises food to those in need.

"Omo is a devoted mother of two and is always dedicated to family time with her son who has autism and juggling her daughter’s busy schedule as a competitive swimmer, as well as finding time to help others.

"Well done, Omo!"