FAMILY Mediation Services are set to expand into Mold in 2024, offering industry-leading mediation services to hundreds in need.

TLC (Talk, Listen, Change), the relationships charity with more than 40 years experience in helping people build safe, healthy, happy relationships, has announced further plans for the expansion of its Family Mediation Services into Mold.

The charity witnessed a 25.7% increase in referrals to family mediation, as well as children being 13 times more likely to attend a Child Inclusive Mediation session in 2023 compared to 2019.

Family mediation is a process to help separating couples make arrangements for children and/or shared finances, avoiding the risk of lengthy and expensive court proceedings and allowing them to discuss important matters in a secure environment and with an impartial professional.

Support is offered to discuss things like living arrangements, contact with a child/children, holidays and special occasions, financial disclosure, divorce proceedings, and the division of assets.

TLC was established in Manchester in February 2015 before demand for the service saw it expand to Stockport and Bolton within 12 months.

Outposts in Wigan and Chorley soon followed with the service moving online during the pandemic of 2020 allowing the charity to reach people all across the UK.

The expansion across Flintshire in 2024 will allow the charity to reach more families than ever before.

Family Mediation is available to everyone without financial barriers. The services are offered privately or funded through Legal Aid and the Government Voucher Scheme, with all clients receiving the exact same service ensuring that everyone can receive a high quality mediation experience regardless of their circumstances. 

Victoria Parkinson, Head of Family Mediation at TLC: Talk, Listen, Change said: “Our aim is to ensure that high quality Mediation is available to all.

"In order to achieve this we have a fantastic and highly trained team, we remain committed to our Legal Aid contact and we are delighted to still offer the Government Voucher Scheme funding.

“Everyone here is very excited for the growth of the department and to support more families.


"We do what we do because we believe that it is not only a positive step forward during difficult times but also a healthy approach to creating a happier situation.

“This time of year is busy within Family Law, we saw a 203% increase in January 2023 from December 2022. As people reflect on the time they spent with their children last year or consider their financial position they may wish to begin 2024 by exploring the option of Mediation.

"It is important that people know we are here to resolve disputes in a way that reduces legal costs and is family focused.”

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