ALL schools in Flintshire will be closed tomorrow due to forecasted heavy snowfall.

Flintshire Council has confirmed that every school in the county will be closed on Thursday.

An amber weather warning is in place for much of Flintshire, with heavy snowfall predicted.

Schools have been taking to social media this afternoon to tell parents of the news.

St David's High School, in Saltney, posted on Facebook saying: "This is to confirm the closure of St. David's High School and all other Flintshire schools tomorrow Thursday, February 8 as instructed by the Local Authority. Due to the weather warning in place across the county.

"We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this unforeseen circumstance and anticipate resuming normal school activities as soon as possible.


"Students are to revert to on-line learning via the Google platform. Staff have been instructed to ensure work is set for tomorrow."

The Elfed High School in Buckley emailed parents saying: "Due to Amber warning that is in place across Flintshire tomorrow, the Local Authority has directed that all schools close and to switch to online learning. 

"Students should structure their day in way that allows them to follow their normal timetable. 

"We are hoping to be in a position to open school on Friday."